Welcome to our website, which demonstrates how through clear leadership and governance we plan, support and improve outcomes resulting in the raising of standards across all our Academies.

By working in close partnership our aim is to provide a high quality education for all with a broad and balanced curriculum. We want children to be excited about their learning and to enjoy coming to school. We firmly believe that learning is a journey and we aim to create memorable experiences that accelerate children’s understanding and achievements. Our children are encouraged to challenge themselves, aim high and achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum.  We believe that by building strong relationships with our parents, alongside high expectations and quality teaching and learning, will help our pupils realise their full potential.  At the heart of our endeavours is outstanding teaching, high quality learning and effective support for individual needs.

As our Multi Academy grows we enjoy the benefits of:-

  • A shared focus on education, which raises achievement across all schools to the highest levels.
  • A shared business platform which makes best use of resources and benefits from economies of scale.
  • A shared ethos within which the unique identity and character of each school can flourish.


Our 2021-22 Priorities

Please click on the links below to view our priorities for this academic year.

pdficon large 2021-22 Priorities